How to swap internal storage with the SD card in Android device

A simple step by step tutorial to swap internal storage with the SD card in Android device. Resolve low memory error and give free space.

Lots of people are telling me to make a tutorial on swap internal storage with the SD card via comments. This is so simple process and I try to make most simple, easy and safe guide it. We saw many android phone give low phone memory error and we all want more free space on your Android phone storage for download large size games and install lots of apps. But we can’t do it because of low phone memory (space). In this case, you can swap your phone storage with an external SD card and resolve your low space problem.

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In this swap internal storage with the SD card process, we want a rooted phone which has installed root file manage app like root explorer, ES file manager, etc. I am using root explorer app in this guide, it is a good root file manager app, but it’s paid app, if you don’t want to purchase this app then you can use any free root file manager app. According to my experience this process can’t brick your device. But safe side, you take a backup of your phone, then do it. And first read all steps, if you don’t understand these steps, then don’t do it and tell us your problem via comment, I will try to resolve your issues.

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Easy steps to swap internal storage with the SD card in your Android Device:

Step 1: We need a rooted phone for this process, if your phone is not rooted then first of all root your phone. You can find your phone root guide of this blog click here. After root your phone, install root file manager. You have two options: 1. Root file explorer app, click here (paid app) 2. Es file explorer file manager, click here (free app)

Step 2: Open the Root explorer app >>> then go to root folder >>> then find and tap on the system folder >>> Now you can see the ETC folder, open this folder >>> after then you will see a list of files and folder, Now find vold.fstab >>> tap on this file, you will get lot’s of option, now tap on text editor option. You can see all steps in this image.


Step 3: After tap on the text editor, you will get a popup tab from Su app for giving root permission to root explorer app >>> tap on the grant option >>> then you will get a warning message for remount as read-write then tap on yes. See in this image.


Step 4: Now vold.fstab file open for you, find these two line in this file:

dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard0 emmc@fat /…………

dev_mount sdcard2 /storage/sdcard1 auto /…………….

You can see these lines in this image. Not much to do here, just change sdcard0 with sdcard1 in the first line and sdcard1 with sdcard0 in the second line >>> Now tap on the menu button in the phone >>> and tap on save and exit >>> close root file explorer app and reboot your phone or device. that’s all.


If you feel any problem in this swap internal storage with the SD card process and if you don’t find vold.fstab file or find blank vold.fstab file, then use this guide : Swap internal storage with the SD card in Android Lollipop and KitKat

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Note: After swap internal storage with the SD card process, you will see two files 1. vold.fstab and 2. vold.fstab.bak in the root/system/etc folder. vold.fstab.bak is a backup of your vold.fstab file, if you feel any issue with your phone after this editing, then remove .bak in the name of your backup file and replace with your vold.fstab file.

I hope you like this swap internal storage with the SD card guide from which you will be able to easily swap internal storage with the SD card without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.


  1. dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard1 auto /devices/msm_sdcc.2/mmc_host

    I found just one line in the last

  2. Hi Abishek,

    I could find only One Line..

    ” dev_mount sdcard /mnt/sdcard auto/devices/platform/goldfish.mmc.0/devices…. / mmc0″

    Mine is Seals TS3 – > Running on Gingerbread 2.3.6

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hello I followed all the guide steps and it worked. Now i have the phone storage with 29 gb storage, but still having the internal storage low. with I want to move the apps to the phone but i can not. Any help on this please. thanks.

  4. please tell me if I do this process with SD card or without 2nd is where to save es file app SD card or phone

  5. hey please help me here

    Copyright (C) 2009 The Android Open Source Project
    # Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”);
    # you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
    # You may obtain a copy of the License at
    # Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
    # distributed under the License is distributed on an “AS IS” BASIS,
    # WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
    # See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
    # limitations under the License.

    ## Vold 2.0 fstab for the Morrestown Platform

    ## Regular device mount
    ## Format: dev_mount
    ## label – Label for the volume
    ## mount_point – Where the volume will be mounted
    ## part – Partition # (1 based), or ‘auto’ for first usable partition.
    ## – List of sysfs paths to source devices

    # Mounts the first usable partition of the specified device
    #dev_mount sdcard_ext /storage/sdcard_ext auto /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:04.0/mmc_host/mmc1 /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:02.3/gadget/lun0
    #dev_mount usbcard /storage/usbcard auto */block/sda
    dev_mount sdcard_ext /storage/sdcard_ext auto /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:04.0/mmc_host/mmc1 /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:02.3/gadget/lun1

    dev_mount sdcard0 /storage/sdcard0 5 /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:01.0/mmc_host/mmc0 /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:02.3/gadget/lun0

        1. hey Abhishek Sharma when i tried to open the file, a popup message says that “you cannot edit this file because the file system is read only

          1. Hi Jeo, first your phone must be rooted then you can see a tab on top right side for enable read/write permission.

  6. that file only contains one line
    dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard1 auto /devices/msm_sdcc.2/mmc_host

    what should I edit

  7. i am using htc desire 501 and i tried to do but my sd card can’t no longer detect to my phone as it was detect by other phone

  8. bro please help in Micromax a59
    This is jelly bean version 4.1.2
    ## Regular device mount
    ## Format: dev_mount
    ## label – Label for the volume
    ## mount_point – Where the volume will be
    ## part – Partition # (1 based), or ‘auto’
    for first usable partition.
    ## – List of sysfs paths to source devices
    # Mounts the first usable partition of the
    specified device
    dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard1 auto /
    mmc0 in my vold.fstab

  9. Bro… I followed all step given by you on my Micromax A58.. But it doesn’t work on my Micromax A58 jelly bean 4.2.2

    1. Hi

      first root your phone, then find vold.fstab file in the root folder and change according to this guide.

  10. Thanks…It worked fine!!
    Can u please write an artical on how to change the default installation path to sdcard???

    1. Maybe I should or I must buy a better phone that can be rooted I’m done for this low internal stprage suffering I can’t play those great games out there I hope this tutorial help me in the future. Thanks in advance T_T

  11. Thanks for this guide, worked for me. Apps like link2sd didn’t work for me, it was just moving the apps from internal memory to phone storage, I guess that’s a built in memory card or something. This worked, thanks!

  12. bro I can’t see sdcard0 but I see that lines
    ## Regular device mount
    ## Format: dev_mount
    ## label – Label for the volume
    ## mount_point – Where the volume will be mounted
    ## part – Partition # (1 based), or ‘auto’ for first usable partition.
    ## – List of sysfs paths to source devices

    # Mounts the first usable partition of the specified device
    dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard1 auto /devices/platform/sprd-sdhci.0/mmc_host/mmc0 in my vold.fstab

      1. /devices/msm_sdcc.2/mmc_host auto vfat defaults voldmanaged=external_SD:auto
        This is what i grt when i get thr file

  13. Does this trick works on any android devices running on Jelly Bean? Currently I have Gionee Elife E6 running on Jelly Bean OS.

  14. i can’t see the viol.fstab on my root explorer
    please help

  15. Hi, I’m using Lenovo A7000 which StockROM is 5.02. I received “not supported yet for arm64 v8a”. What should I do now ? Btw, I didn’t found file in system/etc.

  16. I am using Micromax Canvas 2 colors A120 ,Unable to root using framaroot.Plz tell me how can i root my phone?

  17. After editing and saving the content of vold.fstab, an error occured. It says “Error occured when trying to save the file. It will not be saved. Thanks in advance author.

  18. never mind got the paid app and using kingroot did like you said and worked 1st try
    thank you very much

  19. I also bought a ZTE q705u Android phone and the ram and internal memory sucks I have a 32gb SD card….
    1#i downloaded kingroot=says I’m rooted
    2#i downloaded Es file explorer
    3#i open file explorer opened device and opened root file says nothing
    4#open internal memory SD and it has kingroot and has Japanese writing
    5#if I open device file and open the etc file I see format writing in it…..
    I’m so confused……
    plz hlp

  20. I have followed every step for swapping SD card to internal storage but some thing went wrong after all process over I rebooted my phone after rebooting my sd card is not showing and my internal storage is also not swapped I have tried many sd cards in my phone but it not working what can I do. Please reply me

    1. Hi Vss Kamal

      try to reopen your vold.fstab file and if you find Condition 1 then change it Condition 2 and if your find Condition 2 then change it Condition 1.

      Condition 1.
      dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard0 emmc@fat /…………

      dev_mount sdcard2 /storage/sdcard1 auto /…………….


      Condition 2.
      dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard1 emmc@fat /…………

      dev_mount sdcard2 /storage/sdcard0 auto /…………….

  21. Hi
    Thanks for post.
    I have rooted note 3 running 5.0 lollipop.
    I have a SanDisk 128gb card which the phone recognises.
    My vold.fstab file says
    dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard1 auto /devices/msm_sdcc.2/mmc_host …….nothing else.
    Can you tell me how to rewrite it to swap the storage?
    Thanks again for the trouble you are taking with this.

    Tim Williams

  22. My sony xperia has a very small internal memory space and I can't install my downloaded apps on my sd card since I am always notified of having an insufficient space and does not have a vold.fstab as well. I downloaded both root file and es explorer but still gets a failed result. Please help me out because im freaked out now and once again, my phone is a SONY XPERIA V3+.

  23. Sorry to specify the details in previous comment.. So the problem is i'm not able to find that vold.fstab file.. I'm using root explorer and i've followed the previous steps correctly.. I also tried to search it.. But still it gave no results.. Plz sir tell me soon what can i do.. I'm stuck with this problem for a long time..!

  24. my celkon ct2 tab not show =dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard0 /external_SD auto…………

    dev_mount sdcard2 /storage/external_SD auto /…………….pls tell me what i do

  25. Please help. Not sure what to swap here but this is what i got(kurio 7s tab)
    Dev_mount extsd/mnt/extsd auto /devices/platforms/sunxi-mmc.1/mmc_host/

    Dev_mount usbhost1 /mnt/usbhost1 auto /devices/platform/sw-ehci.1

    Any help would be much appreciated. Ty

  26. Hum, dunno if you are still supporting this but, mt vold.fstab only have one line and not 2 lines, if i try to do anything i just lose access to my sd card.

    this is the line:
    dev_mount sdcard /storage/extSdCard auto /devices/platform/msm_sdcc.3/mmc_host

    i have a orange lumo 4g/Optimus boston 4g, not much info no custom roms, like nothing at all :D

  27. Hello, I bought a ZTE q705u phone, android 4.2.2, 1GB RAM, 4GB Memory, but I put inside a 64GB sdcard which I don't want to take it out and use it like an extension of internal memory.
    I try many apps (directory bind, folder mount, app2sd…) DID NOT WORK GOOD
    If I make what you show here can I:
    1 uninstall or make actualization for apps from phone storage or internal sdcard (which where installed before?),
    2 install big apps or games with a lot of data and obb files on big 64GB sdcard?
    3 and how it will show my storage? (phone storage, internal sdcard, external sdcard)
    4 where to put vold.fstab.bak after I created it (external sdcard, internal sdcard, phone storage?) or in the same directory
    5 after reboot if the phone don't start how to put original vold.stab file back?
    6 transfer files between cpu and phone via usb or wi-fi?
    7 when I install apps where to install: phone storage or internal storage?
    8 external sdcard is fat32 but I have some video on it, shoud I clear'it or format again?
    9 here is some screenshots of my phone and vold.fstab file:
    thanks in advance, have a good day!

    1. sir, i have rooted android phone ‘xolo A550s IPS’ when i swap my phone and then i reboot it, then it is hanged on logo. what i can do?????

  28. Sir why it is coming back to normal (the numbers) every time I reboot it… my phone is rooted.. Sir please help
    Thank u..

  29. hey bro please help me. i have no file named vold.fstab in my phone. but why and what can i do now?

  30. hello in my vold.stab file i have one line dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard0 auto /devices/platform/msm_sdcc.1/mmc_host my phone is samsung galaxy gio with cyanogen mod 10.1

  31. Excuse me, may ask to you? I ever change my external be internal like you explain and work well.. But now i need to change back like a normally, because i want make a partition at my external card but when i installed AParted, that application can't read my memory card :( So do you have an idea about my problem?? Please help me and thank you very much

  32. how to send apk of the apps to another sd card because I want to change it to 8gb to 16gb

  33. My phone's showing d root folder is empty………bt d phone's properly,what should I do?

  34. I have swap my android. Now my memory card is working as Internal memory and internal memory is working as SD card. But, now I want to stop swap. What should I do?

  35. I have swap my android. Now my memory card is working as Internal memory and internal memory is working as SD card. But, now I want to stop swap. What should I do?

  36. I have swap my android. Now my memory card is working as Internal memory and internal memory is working as SD card. But, now I want to stop swap. What should I do?

  37. I have swap my android. Now my memory card is working as Internal memory and internal memory is working as SD card. But, now I want to stop swap. What should I do?

  38. sir ,when i want to edit file "vold.fstab" .i got message of file is read only.i've nokia X2 dualsim

  39. Sir, I have galaxy ace 2 with cm11 by maclaw, I want to swap my internal storage with my extcard v-gen 8 GB. But there are already a few app that installed in the extcard and i didn't want to lose or broke them. am I need to move the apps to the internal storage before do the swap ?, or just swap it right away ?

  40. no when i swapped sdcard0 with sdcard1 then nothing happened, only after rebboting a file named vold.fstab.nand came i renamed it and removed .nand to set my phone back to normal then after it only one file remained (vold.fstab) then i booted the phone again and it didn't booted it remained hanged on the logo.

  41. i tried to swap then because of some problem i ste it back to normal then rebooted my phone but its not restarting what to do plzz help

  42. I am having the problem, please assist:

    Only one line displaying in my mobile as below:

    dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard1 auto /devices/msm_sdcc.2/mmc_host

    I am using Sony T2 Ultra Dual (D5322) + Android 4.4.3 with Root

  43. Any ideas as to why the vold.fstab file isn't in the "etc" folder on my rooted Nextbook 7 tablet? Is there anywhere else to change this line of code to accomplish the same thing?

  44. Sir i hv gionee m2 as ur procss i download here is no option of root .. Then what i do ..sir
    Plz tell me

  45. My sdcard and internal storage has damage how to return it back to normal??? Answer me sir….

  46. When I go to the vold.fstab text editor, my lines look different:

    dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard0 /external_SD auto…………

    dev_mount sdcard2 /storage/external_SD auto /…………….

    I tried switching sdcard0 with external_SD auto, like in your example, but several settings in my phone weren't working after reboot. I re-instated the .bak file. Is there another way to switch the internal with the external? my internal storage is 1.05 GB, and I have an external 32 G SD card mounted, however, with my Android 4.1.2 operating system, there's no way to put my apps or other memory into the SD card within the software.

  47. Sir, my xperia m duel full rooted. But root explorer show the sdcard1 auto file only. Me kya karun.

  48. Hello Sir i want swap memory in my samsung note3 neo already rooted please help me is possible thanks in advance….

  49. I have the same problem as dark lord, please assist:
    dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard1 auto /devices/msm_sdcc.2/mmc_host

  50. Help. I think i have done something wrong. How to undo it?
    sdcard0 show zero memory, while sdcard1 has my phone memory.
    I cant find files of my removable disk. I tried to edit again vld.fstab (i memorize what i change) but it cant be saved, says there is something wrong.

    Thanks :D

  51. I Can't find :

    dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard0 emmc@fat /…………

    dev_mount sdcard2 /storage/sdcard1 auto /…………….

    I just find :

    dev_mount sdcard / storage / sdcard1 auto /
    devices / msm_sdcc.2/mmc_host

    what now ??

  52. This is what it says in my file.

    /devices/msm_sdcc.2/mmc_host auto vfat defaults voldmanaged=external_SD:auto

  53. after i follow this steps and reboot my phone why there's on my screen said phone storage removed?.. it is ok?..or i failed to follow those steps?..what supposed to do and how i can restore and get back my phone storage again?..plz help me thnks in advance…ciao

  54. Hello sir
    When I open the folder vold.fstab I find these lines one with #sign and one without
    what can i do with this setup? thanks in advance
    #dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard0 emmc@fat /…………

    dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard0 auto /…………..

  55. Hello sir
    When I open the folder vold.fstab I find these lines
    dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard0 emmc@fat /…………

    dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard0 auto /…………..

    what to do please help

  56. hello sir,
    I have tried to save vold.fsatb file after making changes but cant able to save it as it showing error through es file explorer and through root explorer it shows file is saved but when I return to check on it file will be the same without changes. please help me.

  57. hello sir,
    I am using sony xperia tipo in which INTERNAL MEMORY is recognized as SD CARD. So I don't have access for saving apps on EXT SD CARD. I am facing problem of low phone storage error even I have 1.5GB out off 2.15GB of internal memory. Will this app solve my problem? Will it increase my phone memory along with internal memory? or else please suggest suitable solution.

  58. Hello sir
    When I open the folder vold.fstab I cannot find these lines
    dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard0 emmc@fat /…………

    dev_mount sdcard2 /storage/sdcard1 auto /…………….

  59. Hello Abhishek Ji, recently I buy Micromax Unite 2 mobile and i am facing same low memory problem in my phone can you please tell me will your process work on my phone . Please reply Thanks.

    1. first you give root access permission ti the root explorer app then edit and save.

  60. Hello Sharma
    please confirm us once we taken the backup we have to swich on the mobile or run the mobile or again we restore the same and it is supported to my celkon a63 campus

    and what is the difference between swiping the memory card and partitioning the memory card pelase confirm

  61. Sir, if I use the ES file explorer instead of the root file explorer , what will be the differences?
    Please reply.
    Thanks in advance

  62. after copying data from sdcard 4GB to 16GB and insert in phone, do i have to swap the 16GB sdcard again?

  63. i try this with 4GB sdcard and it works perfectly. but now im thinking of changing 4GB with 16GB sdcard, do i have to swap back to normal phone storage before removing 4GB sdcard, if so what are the steps? thank you.

    1. Hi Huimi

      switch off your phone and remove your 4 GB card and put your 16 GB card then after start your phone.

      Note : you must copy 4GB card data into 16GB card then insert in your phone.

      have a good day

    2. Are you sure this is for A300 as it comes with 32GB RAM and it shows (total) Phone Internal storage of 1.48GB (I have 286MB available) and Phone storage (built in Memory) of 25.39GB (I have 23.84GB available) 2GB each.

      I have already rooted the phone using KingRoot, now trying to create partition preferably (SWAP partition)

      Screenshot you have given shows

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