How to root Micromax A110Q Canvas Plus without PC

This is a tutorial to root Micromax A110Q Canvas Plus. After root you can install custom Rom, App and custom Setting.

Hi, This is a simple, safe and easy step by step tutorial to root Micromax A110Q Canvas Plus. You must root your phone, because root allows for you to use a maximum of your phone without any restrictions. After root you will install custom apps, custom Rom and custom setting in your phone. We already discuss on Root Advantage and Disadvantage by earlier post. Now we will know  “How to Root Micromax A110Q Canvas Plus” in this post.
Preparations of Root:
1. Take a backup of your phone.
2. Your phone battery should charge 80% minimum.

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Follow Steps to root Micromax A110Q Canvas Plus:

Step 1: Download Framaroot app click here.

Step 2: Copy Framaroot app in your phone internal storage or external SD card.

Step 3: Go to setting >>> tap on security >>> tick on unknown sources box (After install un-tick this option don’t forget it).


Step 4: Install Framaroot App on your phone. Tap on App >>> Tap on verify and install >>> Tap on Just once >>> Install.


Step 5: Open the Framaroot App and Select “Install Super Su”


Step 6: Click on “Boromir/Gandalf”

Step 7: Now Reboot your Mobile. That’s all

After this root process you will find SU app in your application menu. You can manage your rooted phone by Su app. Su app work as like firewall, So you should be careful in giving permission to the any app by Su app. If you want to check your Mobile rooted or not try this app Root checker

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How to unroot Micromax A110Q Canvas Plus:

It is must for you to know how to unroot your phone. When you feel that you don’t want rooted phone then you can easily un-install root app and unroot your phone. Here is simple steps to unroot your device. You can also see unroot process in this image.

Open Su App >>> Setting >>> Full Unroot that’s all


This is simple and easy root process for your device. I can try to make it easy and make all steps clear to understand and try to make image all step for you. If your feel any problem then please comment us. I try to best resolve your problem.

Micromax A110Q Rom update:

Micromax A110Q Stock Rom V1
Micromax A110Q Stock Rom V2

Thanks and Credits: Alephzain Developer of Framaroot App.


  1. Sir,
    Are you sure this process is safe.
    I want to know that rooting process is safe? Or not?

    Plz contact!

  2. How to i root my micromax a110q plus ? I already try in this step.. Bt its show as failed to root.. Error #16 .. Pls give me a another option to root my Mobile

  3. HI Abhishek

    I have Micromax A110Q Plus and i want to upgrade my phone. its on jelly bean now
    but there is no option of system update in "About Phone".
    I installed frameroot version 1.9.3 and select install super SU and Boromr
    and than i got message success — superuser and su binar installed successfully. please reboot ur device

    but after reboot there is no superuser or subinary icon
    I checked with rootchecker it says– ur phone is not rooted

    Please help


  4. Hi Abhishek,
    Can you suggest a solution in my case:

    Subject : Micromax A110Q Plus new phone creating logs in ‘hpns’ folder under sd card

    This phone has an issue since day one. I am explaining the problem in detail below:

    Problem Description: This phone automatically creates logs in SD card. Logs gets created under ‘hpns’ folder in the SD card. The logs size increases with internet usage, soon enough the mobile stops downloading any data on SD Card.

    Background Work : The phone has been to Micromax center 3-4 times but problem could not be resolved. Here is the list of the steps taken to resolve the issue by Micromax center:
    1. Phone has been reset/software reinstall but no avail.
    2. I tried to check if this is a memory card specific issue but with each sd card the logs gets created and problem remained as it is
    3. At last Micromax center people got the motherboard replaced many times.

    It seems this is a software related issue…could you suggest something here? Phone has 3 months of warranty left.

    Warm Regards,

    1. Hi Nikhil

      First of all remove SD Card from your phone then flash stock Rom V3 click here. then after install Nod32 antivirus on your phone. It is free on Google Play Store after this use your phone.

      If it will not resolve then tell me.

      Have a Good day

    1. go to apps.. and factory reset your device,… erase internal sd… and do the process…. it'll do fine

  5. Sir is it necessary to have 80% battery for rooting process coz whenever i attempt it it just show no response …screen remain as it was…im using framaroot fr rooting my canvas 2 plus….help me…sir…i'll be greatfull

  6. ive rooted my micromax canvas 2plus with farmaroot app , but bootlop is occuring i have done factory data reset, and wiped the cache but its still stuck on canvas logo plz bro help me

    1. see in your app menu if you don't find then install su app manually then Go to setting then tap on Full unroot.

  7. I want to root my A110Q ,When i install A116 drivers in pc ….my pc shows that window can not verify the publisher of this driver software…tell me what i do please

  8. i have root my device(A110Q), superSU app show in my device but root checker shows that your devive is not proper rooted… open mode superSU show 'the SU BINARY NEEDS TO BE UPDATED.

  9. done… but still not working.
    I have also wiped cache, factory reset, etc, but still it is stuck at boot logo

  10. OK Go to Recovery Mode By Pressing and Hold Power Button with Vol +, – key

    and reset your phone

  11. I had rooted my phone using "Framaroot app" by Boromir exploit and also installed Superuser.
    Using ROM Toolbox pro, I changed the system font on my device.
    But when I tried to revert to the system font, the phone wont turn on;
    I am stuck at the boot logo.
    I had also factory reset my device using recovery mode but still my phone gets stuck at boot logo.
    Please help.
    I want my phone back to its factory setting……

  12. i am also tryin the root unroot method but no progress all steps are followed and the device restarts but no su user is created …..i want to ask if i root by second process then can i unroot my device by flashing it by sptool.

    1. hi vivek

      try second method it also safe and if you want to unroot then open su app then click on unroot your device option.

      if you are root then void the warranty of your phone but don't worry about warranty becouse if you have any problem then flash stock rom then go service station warranty is back

      good day

  13. I didn't try yet coz i don't have my lappie with me right now…I will post here after I try out…Thanks for your help…:)

  14. You mean sp tool method is safest or Bin4ry method??
    Thanks for your help and co-operation…

  15. I've tried SP Flash tool method before but not this one. So, I need to be clear about a couple of things before going for this method.
    1. I didn't get step 5 in this method. What is changing phone connection to media device?
    2. Do we need to keep the phone on during the entire procedure coz SP Flash tool method requires you to switch off the phone and even remove battery in case of Canvas HD..!!
    Kindly reply…

    1. hi jainex

      this is not sptool method. it is safest method

      after debugging on then your USB connection show two option 1 USB 2 media device

      choose first then install driver then move it media device mode

      keep the phone on during the entire procedure it is automatically restart your phone

      so good luck

  16. I have done all steps as u mentioned…but the green promt says "Running…" only nothing after it…What to do???

  17. drivers incompatibility with my pc windows 7 can't install it i have tried every possible way

  18. The link for " Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v30" provided does not exit… can someone please send me the file "Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v30"…or anyone can email me the above file to "[email protected]"


  19. I have followed all the procedure as above… But at last:

    "Going to copy files to its place
    mount: permission denied
    you can close all open command-promts now?
    After reboot all it is done! Have fun!
    press any key to continue…"

    No superuser created ..i.e. root is not done…

    please help me…

    My phone is as previous… no harm(thanks!!!)

    1. Go to Settings– > Development– > USB debugging check it.

      extract bin4try folder

      run runme.bat ( do not run runme.bat file as administrator )

      press 1 enter

      in mobile:- mobile reboot automatically

      it is very easy method
      try it

  20. I have followed all the procedure as above… But at last:

    "Going to copy files to its place
    mount: permission denied
    you can close all open command-promts now?
    After reboot all it is done! Have fun!
    press any key to continue…"

    No superuser created ..i.e. root is not done…

    please help me…

    My phone is as previous… no harm(thanks!!!)

    1. install driver properly (vcom Driver)
      then do not run runme.bat as administrator
      press 1 enter
      it is very easy

  21. Ok but it asks me the password if i click reset without typing any the result is same that starting restore then suddenly got ended.even i did full reset my phone n tried but having the same problem…..driver problem got solved….any other way guys?

  22. pls anyone help me here….i dono default password of this device,but it asks me every time for restore.whatever i type password n click ok it shows restoring then restore i couldn't root…..this s my problem…pls need help……..

  23. i did't put any password n dono what is default of this phone.also i tried it many times,and i don run as administrator dono what shld i do?pls i need help…….

    1. yaduveer, it is not a matter what mistake he have done. Matter it is what is solution of this problem.

      try to help him.

      good day

  24. Hi sir,can't root using this method on my A110Q.pls help me…when it asks password to restore,that time whatever i type and click to restore,it comes to restore and restoring then it comes ended.then if i remove mobile it shows error device not found and 'ping' is not recognized internal or external commend.
    again after connecting phone to pc now it shows Mount ; permission denied…then press enter to continue….so by entering to continue Runme.bat file got closed…..pls help me….tnx in Advance….

    1. do you have password in your phone when you proceed this method. i think you gave wrong password!

      ok you will do it again don't run as administrator runme.bat file

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