Install new update of Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Jelly Bean V4 1.11

Here is a guide for new update of Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Jelly Bean V4 1.11.This is fourth update of Micromax A110 Stock Rom V4 Jelly Bean 4.1

Hi, This is fourth update of Micromax A110 Stock Rom V4 Android Jelly Bean 4.1 update. Here is a step by step guide for new update of Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Jelly Bean V4 1.11. This is working same hardware Android device like Cynus T2, Qmobile A10, and A919 Duo. Micromax will release Android 4.4 KitKat update for Micromax Canvas 2 soon.

Software release notes:

1. Operating system is upgraded from ICS to Jelly bean.
2. M! Store is removed.
3. New wallpapers are integrated.
4. Software is backward compatible with old TP available (BYD Make).
5. Power on animation is changed.

Hardware release notes:

1. TP is changed from BYD to BAOMING.

Micromax A110 is superb phone and first popular phone from Micromax side. It has 1GHz Dual core processor with MT6577 chipset. This phone has 512MB of RAM, 4GB inbuilt memory with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It has 5MP rear camera and 0.3MP front camera for video chat.  This is third update of canvas 2 stock Rom V4 Jelly Bean, previous update was Stock Rom V2 ICS 4.0.4. Now this update your phone with Jelly bean.

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Preparation of flash or update:

1. Take a backup of your phone Click here.
2. Your phone battery should charge 80% minimum.
3. Make sure proper power backup of your PC.
4. Read all steps then do it careful.

Download ROM and Tools of Micromax A110 Canvas 2:

File Name Download link
Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Stock Rom V4 Download
Micromax A110 Canvas 2 SP Tool v3.1220 Download
Micromax A110 Canvas 2 USB Driver Download

How to install new update of Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Jelly Bean V4 1.11:

Step 1: Install drivers in your PC (If you feel any problem in install driver and Enable USB Debugging on your Phone. Go to Settings >>> Developer options >>> USB debugging check it ( If your phone have Android 4.2 or upper version then see how to enable Developer options here is guide of this Click here). After then switch off your phone.


Step 2:  Extract the Stock ROM folder where you want then Extract and open the SP Tool. and run Sptool.exe Run as Administrator


Step 3: You will see an SP tool window, now click on the scatter-Loading option in the SP tool. Then you will get the new tab of SP Tool which you ask the location of the scatter file on your PC. You will find this scatter file in the extracted Stock ROM folder. Now go to the Rom folder and select the file “Android_scatter_emmc.txt”. See in this image.


Step 4:  Now You will see two options for flashing Rom, first is “firmware upgrade” option which is used to update or flash your Rom without deleting your data and second one is “Download” option this is work for format your phone then flash Stock Rom ( like fresh Rom installation). So choose according to your requirement and I suggest, click on the “Download” option and flash fresh Rom on your phone.

Step 5: Now connect your switch off phone to the PC via USB cable  (Make sure your phone is switched off). SP Tool detect your phone and process will start. See in below image. If Sptool is not recognize/detect your phone then install vcom driver read this post it will help you click here  (Driver already in phone flash drive if you don’t have these drivers then install it)


Step 6: Now Sptool start downloading Stock Rom in your phone by flashing.


Note: Don’t interrupt this process as it can potentially brick your device. Make sure no power interruption takes place.

Step 7:  After the process complete, a green ring will appear.


Step 8: Disconnect your phone. Now your phone is updated.

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After update of Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Jelly Bean V4 1.11, you can Root Canvas 2, because root allows for you to use a maximum of your phone without any restrictions. After root you will install custom apps, custom Rom and custom setting in your phone. We already discuss on Root Advantage and Disadvantage by earlier post and we already saw “How to Root Micromax A110 Canvas 2 ” in earlier post.

I hope you like this new update of Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Jelly Bean V4 1.11 installation guide from which you will be able to easily install new update of Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Jelly Bean V4 1.11 without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.

Note: Read carefully then do these steps. It is tested then post, I am not responsible for any loss.


  1. hey i just want that micromax a110 scatter file….can somebody give me that its urgent please

  2. hi
    yes i have flash with 4.0.4 now wifi is working perfect ,and data connection is also working fine .so problem is with firmware ,now can u pls tell me what i have to do
    wating for your reply

    1. good

      now install jelly bean V3 1.10 with using firmware update option in sptool

      don't use download option

      good luck

    1. don't worry you are not upgrade ics on jelly bean

      you are flash ICS Rom on you mobile because this process format previous version of Rom then install New version, so click on download option

      good luck

  3. hi
    now flash with jellybean v3 1.11
    but still problem is same cant connect wifi
    what to do
    r u having 4.0.4 file ,so that i will flash with it
    reply soon

  4. I'm using suvi 7 ROM on my MMX a110.pls tell me how can I remove dis ROM n how can install jellybean v3 1.11. Before suvi I'm using jellybean v 1.10.
    Pls sir reply soon

  5. Installed root and CMW/TWRP recovery & Vivid Color?
    wat this means it already installed or i have to do it? :

    1. root give you right to use maximum of your phone

      CMW/TWRP recovery provide facility to get backup/restore

      clear cash, make changes in your rom, install install custom Rom & software

      vivid color is true color and this phone is famous of this vivid color….


      good day

  6. after ypdated to jb my phonr rings in vibrate also..and when i open msg it takes times for refreshing..solution plss

    1. reinstall Jelly Bean again

      phonr rings in vibrate:- untick vibrate option in audio profile

  7. this problem was from start.First i had to pair with that device then he is able to send me something.but my device is not found by any device.

  8. my Bluetooth device micromax a110 is not found by any other device as I am using jb v3 1.11 plz plz help…..!!!!

    1. if you update your mobile is successful then click on search for device
      if not then reflash via SP tool

  9. Hi Abhishek :-)
    Is there any official JB update by micromax after v3 1.11?
    And for flashing a whole rom using SP tool, which button should I click after step 3? firmware upgrade or download???

    1. this function update but not format user data but some time it have error because some app working ICS only & some Jelly Bean only so update full Rom

    1. try this
      Change ur imei by this method

      1- go to em with this code "* # * # 3646633 # * # *" (just type it on call pad)
      2- then follow that path –> CDS info –> Radio info –> Phone1 (for the first imei)
      3- at the top there is a command line which begins "AT+" just type there "AT +EGMR=1,7,"IMEI_1" (instead of IMEI_1 put your first imei number)
      4- hit send command
      5-if you done just reboot the phone, if you change the second imei go to step 2 and select "Phone2"
      6-and enter the code "AT +EGMR=1,10,"IMEI_2" (instead of IMEI_2 put your second imei number) hit send command

    1. hi Sandip

      why you take a tension about MMx warranty!!!
      if you have problem in your set then flash stock Rom
      and go service center. how will they know that you use cynus T2?

      and most important this blog will you guide every thing about canvas, so don't wary install
      cynus T2 V17.01 Rom this is best for canvas

    1. yes Micromax should release New update because both ver of jelly bean have bug. so i am using Cynus t2 V17.01
      if Micromax will release new update then i will post.

      good day

  10. sorry i was too busy yesterday.

    best is cynus T2 Rom

    first of you install A110 v3 1.10 then t2 17.0.1

    i am use t2 17.0.1

    good day

  11. SIM slots and surroundings getting heatup while charging and while using the phone after updated to Jellybean V3 1.11..
    Does anybody have same problem ??Any solutions?

  12. Please post battery backup of both ROMS on continue usage like screen,3g,wifi all time on…Comparison should be based on Custom roms and Official JB v3 1.11?

  13. Please be aware this ROM is not original 1 from mmx ..This is customized by xda developers only

    1. My friends told me that Battery draining and wifi issue has been resolved in MMX SVC update ..
      But here it remains same!!!!
      So this can't be original 1

    2. yes this is original 1 it is not have battery problem

      if you have battery problem then use Cynus T2 this is awesome Rom for Micromax A110 click here

    1. But there is problem in bright colors like green,blue and orange it shows florescent and spreaded color not good patch..IS there any other patch which can be used in v3 1.11 in unrooted phones?

    2. i don't know why you are facing these problem but vivid colors make this phone popular

    1. gps much faster lock
      batter launcher
      22-30 FPS
      boot animation
      battery backup quite batter
      200 MB Ram always free

  14. guys i just want to know is there any dictionary application for android to search meaning for words in anyother application by just giving one click on it? like wordweb in desktop.. getting meaning by giving ctrl+right click..

    1. in my mobile FIFA 12 has multi color grass issue.. in jelly bean i couldnt install chainfire 3D to remove it.. is there any other option to play FIFA 12 in A110 smoothly?

  15. V3 1.10 seems better than v31.11
    There are lag issues in v3 1.11 and battery drains at equal speed.Touch senstivity is better in 1.10 than v3 1.11!
    Screen resolution is same no change!
    What they have changed seems boot screen logo…
    I bet this is not MMX version because 1.1 seems better overall than v3 1.11!
    Please post or comments

    1. gps much faster lock
      batter launcher
      22-30 FPS
      boot animation
      battery backup quite batter
      200 MB Ram always free
      it is V3 1.11 original of Micromax Update

    2. Battery drain is same..
      But v3 1.10 seems better because touch sensitivity and lag issues seems getting worse

    3. my way is Cynus T2 V17.01 is best OS for Micromax A110
      In way of Micromax Release update then V3 1.11 is best

      re-flash it

  16. Solution for Micromax A110 not charging or dead after Jelly bean update

    Hi Guys,
    After upgrading to JB, my phone got drained after 4 to 5 hours of music in night.
    But I went to sleep before it went dead or 100% drained.Morning was the issue it was not chargingout.
    I know this was the known issue reported in xda-developers website but nosolution for a guy who was repeatedly asking solution for it.
    So here comes the solution.
    1. Remove your battery once and fit it back.
    2. Plug you charger cable from adaptor to phone. Guys Ian not sure about usb cable users.
    3. Press the power button for more than 5 to 10 seconds. You will get a battery icon but the charge will not show as it charging.
    4. Don't leave the power button immediately.
    5. Hold it continuously for 3 to 4 mins. Thebattery icon will flicker till that point.
    6. After this the boot logo will come. Once it comes, your mobile will start charging.Good luck guys.

    LaL Bahadur Ayer (Mahendranagar-2-Mahuliya)Nepal

  17. means for updating in JB we have 2 follow either STEP : Installation update With SP-tool by PC pr STEP :Installation update with CWM/TWRP ?? 1s 1 is easy nah?

  18. Abhishek Can we download from any other ftp server…
    I have 4mbps connection but seems some problem with DNS issue WITH Bsnl broadband..
    If anybody has other link please post except this???

  19. If the installation remains or stuck at 2% while updating thr' SPtool method, what could be the reason??..please elaborate in detail. and finally which rom v3 or new V2 1.11..??

    1. it is not v2 1.11 it is V3 .1.11

      click on download button
      do not click update firmware

  20. Post changes after new update v 1.11…
    Is this better to update or remain on older updates If any please post the differences between old V3 and new v2 1.11..
    What is TP is changed from BYD to BAOMING?
    What is the battery backup on rogue usage…
    I have installed Vivid color patch on old rom v3 but that doesn't look good,Colors seems spreaded..

    1. difference between v3 1.10 and v3 1.11
      gps much faster lock
      batter launcher
      22-30 FPS
      boot animation
      battery backup quite batter
      it is not v2 1.11 it is V3 .1.11

      for vivid color use these steps
      download these file
      change uboot_S9081.bin to uboot.bin & DSP_BL it is same
      and replace these file in Micromax official Jelly bean V3
      open sptool
      run as sptool.exe
      select scatter file
      untick all, select only these file uboot.bin & DSP_BL
      click download
      connect switch off phone to PC
      PC detect your phone …. process will start
      after this green ring will pear
      enjoy vivid color

  21. Is this jellybean version V3 1.11 official or modified jellybean rom .Should i download this version .what is the battery backup of this rom any improvements compare to previous v3 1.10.

    1. this is official jellybean version V3 1.11
      yes download & update
      battery is quite batter then previous v3 1.10.

    2. Hi Abhishek
      I have already updated my phone to V3 1.11 using CWM recovery.. i hope that is offical Jellybean version.. then i installed that vivid color files.. now my phone is rooted.. so please provide me some links of any important application / modification that i can install in my rooted phone.. thanks.

    3. hi arun
      rooted phone give max. utilization
      my previous post give important application / modification for rooted
      phone read these phone & use it
      enjoy rooted phone

  22. But raju Im getting downlaod time 1 day on 4mbps connection..
    Have u downloaded ?Can you please post the downlaod time and difference between v3 1.10 and v3 1.11

    1. i have 2mbps connection and it take time approx 30 min

      difference between v3 1.10 and v3 1.11
      gps much faster lock
      batter launcher
      22-30 FPS
      boot animation

  23. Paplu3 site not opening and chemicalrage link has a crap speed..It will take a day to download from this server!!!

    1. i will check but this Rom size is same on micromax ftp site Rom
      but final result after check

  24. Also can u please tell me if the issue of notification sound playing in silent mode is fixed in this new rom

  25. Sorry for that Abhishek this is just annoying to me a bit..
    Thanks alot you are doing a great job man..!

    don't you think this V1.11 is based on Cynus V17.1

  26. Battery Callibration – For Micromax A110/MyPhone 919 / Q10 Noir

    Follow the Steps mentioned below:- 1.Make sure battery is at 100% and then Leave it on charge for 15 minutes.
    2.Without Disconnecting the Charger just boot in to Recovery(Dont dis-connect the charger)
    3.Then go to advanced in then wipe battery status.
    4.Then reboot to system.
    5.It will show you somewhere 97%.
    6.Let it get full charged again…
    You are Done Now….

    1. hi Lal Bahadur
      if this is success then thanks to share

      but i am not favour theme ROM they made lot of change
      Secure side it is not safe.find on Google theme & custom Rom benefit & loss
      then you what i am say you

      my way is customize ROM your own and if you required
      theme & app install your own it is very simple
      i am post most apps features & launchers, boot animation, boot logo & very well run in Micromax A110
      i am add in post how to use it

      good day

  27. This is just bizarre and stupid!

    Guys CWM zip is just ROM not whole firmware upgrade.
    The SPTool flashable rar includes new base band and new stock recovery and whole other core firmware files..
    this mean if someone from V1 tries to upgrade he won't get all of the goodies..

    that stupid xda person who set this news is just a micromax employee he spread the rumor so that people will run to SVC..
    like we time to see those morons… huh
    and also paplu3 is ac senior member even he just put the CWM …
    fucck.. why the hell somebody with FTP access upload the whole firmware upgrade file..

    guys this is why they changed the FTP pass ..
    to make us go to there shitwhole service centers and waste some cash and our effort..

    if I had access to that Server I would surely uploaded the file…. seems likev somebody needs to take a plunge…

    1. hi pradeep
      may be your right & wrong
      because my friend is working in Micromax service center.
      he told me that micromax release another update of jelly bean
      so it may be true and he told me on FTP site password matter it changed because lots of site give update but not give proper update method and they make mistake, so that increase number dead & not working phone for service center and all of set in warranty.

      FTP made problem for micromax so they change password.
      pradeep don't use problematic words

      good day

  28. so i think i dont want to use TWRP recovery.. right? and in vivid colour in which folder i have to paste that two files

  29. just now i updated my mobile to JB 1.11 thanks bro for ur help.. i first rooted my mobile.. then CWM recovery using mobile uncle tool from google play then installed JB.. my mobile started very well.. two sims are working.. wifi working…

    now plz tell me what is that TWRP recovery & how to install that. also tell me how to install vivid color.. thks

    1. no it is not true
      but dear now sp tool flash-able zip not available
      because same one update his phone to Micromax service center
      he is make cmw/twrp zip file for all of Micromax a110 user
      to update their phone in them Home because Micromax service center
      is very bad service provider in the world

  30. Bro provide sp tool flashable stock ROM… ASAP other flashing tricks are so critical and some time might go wrong so plzz provide us sp tool flashable rom

    1. yes required root
      but not worried about this
      root your phone
      install CWM/TWRP recovery
      flash zip
      after reboot you will get stock recovery
      no warranty loss

    1. No no warranty loss flash cwm recovery through so flash tools and flash this afterwards wanna revert back to stock recovery then flash stock recovery by so flash tools

    1. this is CWM/TWRP recovery flash-able zip
      via SPtool flash-able zip i will try to post

    2. ABHISHEK bro, plzz gimmi ur facebook link, or ur mail id plz, i need to talk 2 u related to canvas 2 update. plz

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