USB Driver and SP Tool for all Micromax and Mediatek Devices

Here is a collation of Driver and SP Tool for all Micromax and Mediatek Devices. you will get latest SP Tools and driver of Mediatek devices.

Hi, this is a collation of Driver and SP Tool for all Micromax and Mediatek Devices. I am trying to make a place, where you will get all Micromax (Mediatek) SP tools and drivers. In this post you will get the solution of driver problem of Micromax devices and other Mediatek devices and you will always get latest SP Tool version.

SP Tool for all Micromax and Mediatek Devices:

Smartphone Flashing Tool (SP Tool) it is a very important tool to flash your Stock Rom on your Device and you can flash custom recovery by this tool. SP Tool can Flash Rom, Format and upgrade your phone & device.

You can test your RAM by this Tool. Before use this tool you must read flashing processor by this post and install your USB driver on your PC. Here is all SP Tool.

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Latest SP Tool for all Micromax and Mediatek devices:

 SP Tool (Smart Phone Flash Tool) Download
 DFU Flashing Tool Download
 YGDP Flashing Tool Download

Driver for Micromax and Mediatek Device:

Micromax X86 and X64 Driver: Download

If these drivers do not work for you then install Cynus series X86 and X64 drivers, these drivers are the universal driver for all Mediatek devices.

Cynus T2 X86 and X64 drivers: Download
Cynus T5 X86 and X64 drivers: Download

Vcom Driver ( universal driver for all Mediatek devices) : Download

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Vcom Driver is most important driver for all Mediatek and Micromax phones. If you are facing SPtool and your Computer not detect your phone, then install these drivers in your PC. If you feel any problem to install vcom driver then read this post. These driver work for all Micromax phones, you can see your phone model in the supported phone list (End of this post).

I hope you get your desirable SP tool version  and easily install SP tool without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.


  1. my device is bricked its micromax canvas pace 4g [q416] ,so i need any flasher to install the rom please help me admins

  2. my lenovo a 916 was showed invalid imei..and i try to flash rom to that phone via sp..but unfortunately sp cant detect my phone…so how to do because when i try connect my phone to pc to transfer files or smthing,it work correctly..can u gve me another way to proceed/flash the new rom?

  3. Hello,
    I have a mmx A106(Unite 2) it stucks on bootloop. I tried SP FLASH TOOL to flash it and install many usb drivers such as
    1. Driver_Auto_Installer_v1.1236.00
    2. MediaTek USB VCOM drivers
    3. Mtk driver
    4.Micromax Driver for Windows 32 bit
    5.Mobistel_Cynus Drivers_x86_x64
    but it doesn’t work it d not recorgnise my device and the loadin does not start. Please help me!!!!!

    1. Hi

      This is not driver problem, try to recharge your phone battery, then flash again.

  4. hi
    it is necessary to root our phone before installing this flash drive?
    and if necessary so how we can root canvas e311..

  5. Umm… My micromax a102 is bricked..stucks on logo.. Anyone help me plzz… Sp flash tool stucks after pink processing.. Plz help me..

  6. Hi, Can you help me with, which version of SP tool should I download for Micromax a190 canvas HD plus ?

      1. Hi, Abhishek.

        I have done it as per your guide and successfully flashed the OS.. Now my phone works fine.. THANK YOU SO MUCH….

  7. Hello Bru I Need To Know That Whats Sp tool is used for micromax a69
    And what mtk scatter file will be used plzz and from where i can download them help :)

  8. Hello I accidentally rooted my mmx a110.rooting was successful. And I installed chainfire 3d.apk in my phone.after the installation it shows a box appears with a message”your phone need to reboot to take affect on this app” and I click to reboot. But I got stuck in the canvas logo.I don’t have custom cwm installed on my phone and no stock ROM backup. And I tried to flash with SP flash tool in win7.I didn’t SP tools didn’t recognize my phone.what should I do next can you help me to solve my problem.

  9. Hi,

    I am having Micromax canvas HD A116 model phone and want to upgrade the Android Version from 4.1.2 to latest one (dont know which latest android version supported to A116).

    So Can you please help me which version i can use and which USB drivers will download for Win 7 OS.


    Micromax X86 and X64 Driver
    Vcom Driver ( universal driver for all Mediatek devices)
    Micromax USB driver by


  11. sir my moble micromax A107 is hanged and istalling useless files directly so iwant to change my mobile software plz

  12. I have every possible way
    installed A116 HD drivers
    but SP tool not detecting my phone.
    I followed all the instruction.

    Please help

  13. hlo its ankush here i want to update into lolipop frm kitkat on my micromax A300 gold help me plz

  14. sir my micromax unite 2 a106 phone cannot start after the process of restore i done it show only logo on the screen what problem in my phone help me and how i intall rom with the help of sp tool

  15. i click download n plug in usb.. my computer detect my phone that have sound plug in..but sp flash tool cant detect my phone..

  16. sir
    kya mera mobile micromax Canvas Selfie A255 android update ho sakta hai. agar ho sakta hai to kaise…
    aap uski koi link ya root karne ka software do dijiye

  17. how to update my mobile is micromax canvas fire 4 my mobile is lollipop 5.0 version .please anyone help me


  19. Dear Sir,

    I have Micromax Canvas A106 mobile, i want to reverse tethering (PC Net use in mobile) through USB with my Windows 7 OS,i have tried lot of time but unable to do the same (It’s work with XP os but, have problem with Win7)How can i able to do the same, some freinds told me that, you have to install a106 drivers but, i don’t have get the same.Plz, help me in this regards.Hope for your immediate reply.

  20. i want to update my smartphone micromax A116 how ???
    please help me …gave me the process and guide…

  21. sir sp tools mentioned V5.1408.00 is not downloading ,an error occured. I download another sp tools other than this ,then connect my unite 2 phone it will not start downloading.please tell where the problem either in sp tools or driver .i am istalled the driver from this site but the problem remains the same.

  22. hi…Abhishek Sharma
    how to root my MMX p480 canvas tab .
    recovery file not found and mtk 6592 it not found so plz hello me .. plz root my phone . and ans me my Emil I’d ok

  23. hello sir,

    my micromax unite 2 a106 is dead not getting on tried all the key volume key etcc…
    please help me its urgent

  24. sir, maine mera canvas2hd phone flash kiya hai ..lekin wo ab chalu he ho nahi raha hai to ab main kya karu any idea ??

  25. please help me

    i format my micromax a47 by sp flash tool then my phone is bricked it is not responding by any key please help me as soon as possible on this email address or you can call me on these number 7756894591

  26. hello sir,
    I’m not a teck guy, So i really don’t know any thing about these things. In my micromax canvas HD A116, android version is 4.2.1.
    So sir please tell me which is the next latest update for my phone canvas HD A116.
    thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Vijay

      Click on option in the SP tool then select download and check USB checksum in the DA DL ALL with checksum and install USB driver on your PC Then follow these steps and flash your stock Rom again.

  27. Hi there i have canvas A120 4gb model. I have updated to 4.4.2 form 4.2.2 . So the problem is that i can’t root my phone from many methods so can you just help me out how to root my phone .

  28. micromax A120 color Its internal – SD CARD -storage shows 5.27 GB. I32 GB SD in mobile. Phone storage free 94.80 MB. problem 1) Not able to download any app @ 10MB " you have not insufficient apace storage..2) I am not able to use mobiles internal SD card storage maromax company service center they formatted my mobile twice..but still have same problem.. they told in my version of mobile is 4.42 KITKAT.& cannot up grade to 5.0 / lollipop .But web sites mention / put guidance -how to update for lollipop..?

    1. Hi

      Micromax didn't release Lollipop for Micromax A120, So don't worry about it.

  29. I have micromax A120 color model. Its internal – SD CARD -storage shows 5.27 GB. I have 32 GB SD in that mobile. Phone storage free space shows 94.80 MB.
    My problem is :
    1) what ever try to download any app @ 10 MB error message is coming as " you hane insufficient apace storage…..
    2) I am able to use my mobiles internal SD card storage
    When maromax company service center they formatted my mobile twice…but still have same problem….Also they told me that my version of mobile is 4.42 KITKAT …& cannot be up grade to 5.0 OR lollipop …
    Requesting any one please clarify …

  30. My phone is not detected by sp flash tool. I have a mixromax unite 2 with lollipop installed. I have installed drivers on windows 8 but it still doesnt detect my phone. As soon as i connect it, it makes a connecting sound but seconds after that makes another disconnecting sound. I have tried different ports but still no luck. Are you able to help me??????

  31. i have micromax a092 with 4.3 jellybean os …but when i searched for the scatter file in side the rom zip..i could not find it so help me please…..

  32. Hey…I have micromax ninja 3 a57 ..but i dont find any scatter file in my stock rom zip …is there any alternative available for flashing Stock Rom..

  33. Where I can download customt rom I have download but it will show scatter file error you have any idea how to solve the problems


  34. Hi,

    I am using Micromax Canvas Doodle A111
    I want a custom rom that support SP Flash tool
    Please anybody help me, I cant flash via CWM or TRRPM, because my volume up button is not working. Anybody plese help me

  35. Hi,

    My micromax A116 is not detecting the NAND flash while "Memory Test", i have mistakenly formatted some memory while in cwm, now not able to load cwm and not event flashing working with sp tools. Now the phone is dead not working.. Any help?
    "ERROR: NAND Flash was not detected!"

    =============== Memory Detection Report ===============

    Internal RAM:

    Size = 0x00020000 (128KB)

    External RAM:

    Type = DRAM

    Size = 0x40000000 (1024MB/8192Mb)

    NAND Flash:

    ERROR: NAND Flash was not detected!

    EMMC :

    EMMC_PART_BOOT1 Size = 0x0000000000200000(2MB)
    EMMC_PART_BOOT2 Size = 0x0000000000200000(2MB)
    EMMC_PART_RPMB Size = 0x0000000000200000(2MB)
    EMMC_PART_GP1 Size = 0x0000000000000000(0MB)
    EMMC_PART_GP2 Size = 0x0000000000000000(0MB)
    EMMC_PART_GP3 Size = 0x0000000000000000(0MB)
    EMMC_PART_GP4 Size = 0x0000000000000000(0MB)
    EMMC_PART_USER Size = 0x00000000E7000000(3696MB)

    ============ RAM Test ============

    Data Bus Test :

    Address Bus Test :

    RAM Pattern Test :
    Writing …

  36. Hi,
    my A120 is not detecting in sptools win8. I had installed all those vcom drivers,but still no hope.
    when connecting the phone, a connection sound will come and shows a vcom driver for few seconds and vanishes off. what to do ?

  37. Hi,
    My laptop is detecting my mobile when it is switched on but it not detecting when it is off.

    Please help.

  38. dear,
    how to install usb modem driver for micromax bolt x088 basic phone..i urgent require modem driver to connect it.
    sourabh mohta

  39. Cynus driver detecting my mobile when it is switched on but it not detecting when i switched off my mobile to flash what can i do

  40. Cynus driver detecting my mobile when it is switched on but it not detecting when i switched off my mobile to flash what can i do

  41. Please confirm the flash tool need to be used for the micromax a120 colour model. i am getting error message in the flash tool after detects the phone, error message code 8003

  42. can u give me micromax a76 firmware that can be flashed by sp flash tools. my phone is now condition

  43. I hv micromax A88 … when i switched off my phone , the flash tool doesn't recognize it ,….
    plz help..
    i hv windows 8.1 x64 bit PC
    nd i hv downloaded all this files

    1. Hi Devansh

      I can't find driver for windows 8.1 x64 bit, so try to arrange windows 7 then update your phone.

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