How to install or flash Stock ROM V1 of Micromax A116 Canvas HD

Here is a guide to install or flash Stock ROM V1 of Micromax A116 Canvas HD. First approved Stock Rom V1 of Micromax A116

This is first approved Stock Rom V1 of Micromax A116 Canvas HD. Here is a simple, safe and easy step by step guide to install or flash Stock ROM V1 of Micromax A116 Canvas HD.

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Preparation of flash or update:

1. Take a backup of your phone Click here.
2. Your phone battery should charge 80% minimum.
3. Make sure proper power backup of your PC.
4. Read all steps then do it careful.

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Download ROM and Tools of Micromax A116 Canvas HD:

File Name Download link
Micromax A116 Canvas HD Stock Rom V1 Download
Micromax A116 Canvas HD SP Tool v3.1248 Download
Micromax A116 Canvas HD USB Driver Download

Steps to install or flash new update of Micromax A116 Canvas HD Stock Rom V1:

Step 1: Install drivers in your PC (If you feel any problem in install driver and Enable USB Debugging on your Phone. Go to Settings >>> Developer options >>> USB debugging check it ( If your phone have Android 4.2 or upper version then see how to enable Developer options here is guide of this Click here). After then switch off your phone.


Step 2:  Extract the Stock ROM folder where you want then Extract and open the SP Tool. and run Sptool.exe Run as Administrator


Step 3: You will see an SP tool window, now click on the scatter-Loading option in the SP tool. Then you will get the new tab of SP Tool which you ask the location of the scatter file on your PC. You will find this scatter file in the extracted Stock ROM folder. Now go to the Rom folder and select the file “Android_scatter_emmc.txt”. See in this image.


Step 4:  Now You will see two options for flashing Rom, first is “firmware upgrade” option which is used to update or flash your Rom without deleting your data and second one is “Download” option this is work for format your phone then flash Stock Rom ( like fresh Rom installation). So choose according to your requirement and I suggest, click on the “Download” option and flash fresh Rom on your phone.

Step 5: Now connect your switch off phone to the PC via USB cable  (Make sure your phone is switched off). SP Tool detect your phone and process will start. See in blow image. If Sptool is not recognize/detect your phone then install vcom driver read this post it will help you click here  (Driver already in phone flash drive if you don’t have these drivers then install it)


Step 6: Now Sptool start downloading Stock Rom in your phone by flashing.


Note: Don’t interrupt this process as it can potentially brick your device. Make sure no power interruption takes place.

Step 7:  After the process complete, a green ring will appear.


Step 8: Disconnect your phone. Now your phone is updated.

Note: After Flashing or updating from 4.1.1 to 4.2.1 you will get a TP UPDATE popup which will update your phone TP automatically. So, don’t touch your phone touch panel while the TP is being updated, otherwise your phone may be some TP problem.

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After update you can to Root Canvas HD because root allows for you to use a maximum of your phone without any restrictions. After root you will install custom apps, custom Rom and custom setting in your phone. We already discuss on Root Advantage and Disadvantage by earlier post and so follow steps of this post “How to Root Micromax A116 ” in earlier post. And this is easiest method of Root Micromax A116.

All updates of Micromax A116 Canvas HD: 
Micromax A116 HD V5 Rom
Micromax A116 HD V4 Rom
Micromax A116 HD V3 Rom

I hope you like this Stock ROM V1 of Micromax A116 Canvas HD installation guide from which you will be able to easily install Stock ROM V1 of Micromax A116 Canvas HD without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.

Note: I am not responsible if you make Mistakes and Bricked Devices.


    1. Hi Yashwanth

      update process will work without Enable debugging mode but safe side it must be on. In case phone is damage during this process then phone service center alive your phone by debugging mode.

  1. I was doing this but for some reason, every time I download, the red bar fills in a few seconds but then nothing else happens…. the timer keeps running but the meter stays at 100% red. What should I do?

    NOTE: My Micromax canvas HD is formatted including the bootloader.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. I installed ur Sam HD v3.2 a long ago but yesterday I attach my pen drive through otg its not showing in file explorer. notification comes that u can safely remove ur SD card that's all I am unable to use my hard disk,pen drive through otg on a116 wen Sam HD was not installed otg cable was was working fine pls help mail me the solution at [email protected]

    1. i have micromax a116 i am follow all steps but the scattering the filt mt6589 in sp tool it shows error
      tell me solution

  3. Dude i dont wanna update to 4.2
    I want the the factory set version of 4.1 .2
    For that which version should i flash ?
    While flashing v3 4.1.2 i clicked firmware upgrade is that fine ?

    1. Jelly Bean 4.2 is much better Rom

      i will suggest you flash V4 then root your phone

  4. Hello abhishek
    I recently got a canvas hd thiz month
    It was runnin on 4.1os box piece
    As i was curious to update to 4.2
    I flashd the phone myself
    But i saw sum decrease in the performance
    So i flashd it to 4.1.2 mmx.20
    But dint c d same performance as the boxpiece os and i found sum screen blinking rarely . I want to install the stock version that came with the box , whicj version is that v1,v2,v3 ? And while flashing 4.1.2 i clicked firmware upgrade or shld i hav clicke downlload ? Does it make differenece . Plz reply asap

  5. Sir ji my MMX a116 is locked by pattern lock by mistake.n its not be open with my gmail I'd.pls help me what can I do?

    1. 1. Go to the Android Market download page on your desktop and install the app. (Yes, you are able to install apps using your desktop instead of your phone) (note: You need to login to the Android Market using your Google username and password that you used when you first set up your phone. This is the username and password that “should have” unlocked your phone in the first place.)

      2. Select the phone you have (this is why you need to login with the right Google ID) and install the app. Wait about 5 minutes or restart your phone and wait a good amount of time for the app to fully install.

      3. On the app instructions, it says to install any other app to trigger the Screen Lock Bypass app. I did not do this but for me, restarting the phone, waiting, soft off and on seemed to trigger it. (may have been triggered by a message though, this is the part where it unexpectedly blanked and disabled my screen for a good while.)

      4. If it worked and bypassed the “too many pattern attempts” screen, go to phone Settings and then select Accounts & Sync.

      5. Under Manage Accounts, remove all accounts except your Google account. (this should enable your Google username and password)

      6. Go to Settings and select Applications, then Manage Applications.

      7. Find Screen Lock Bypass and uninstall the app. (this will trigger the “too many pattern attempts” screen immediately)

      8. Use your original Google username and password to finally unlock your phone properly.

      9. Enter your new security pattern twice to finish!

  6. Sir i had updated my a116 to 4.2.1 in customer care center . apps are successfully moving to sd card but the problem is when i dowloaded any game it is not directly installed to sd card it gets first installedin phone sstorage then it gets moved to sd card but by default we get only 0.98 gb plzzzz give me a solution

  7. Sir i had updated my a116 to 4.2.1 in customer care center . apps are successfully moving to sd card but the problem is when i dowloaded any game it is not directly installed to sd card it gets first installedin phone sstorage then it gets moved to sd card but by default we get only 0.98 gb plzzzz give me a solution

  8. Micromax A116 Phone never wake up after standby mode or sleep mode. many thing flash by mmx service centre, but not result… help me how to go ahead.

  9. Hi, Abhishek I have I problem after upgrading to stock ROM V20 my screen blinks after 10 seconds can you help me.

  10. Dear Abhishek

    I appreciated your work on Micromax A116
    I used your all rom that all awesome
    I currently used MegaHD 4.2.1 because this is best
    I want to used SamHD 4.2.1 because This is best look with best feture

    But I feel there some problem
    Please Don’t take other way I am an Accountant not developer

    So some suggestion
    1) Fixed GPS in MegaHD 4.2.1 (May be copy from Lewa OS Rom)
    2) Fixed GPS in SamHD 4.2.1 (May be copy from Lewa OS Rom)
    3) SamHD 4.2.1 Call Voice Very Low both condition speaker or normal (this is main problem for me)
    4) Lewa OS front camera

    1. no dought
      your way is right

      i wating for your maghahd v3 that was anounced by you

      thanking you

      i try to thanks on xda developer but there we no found any way

  11. Do we need to root the device before updating. What is the difference in updating like version number….

  12. The issue has not been fixed in this update because we can't still move applications to External SD card

    1. root your phone then install app 2 SD
      move your app in SD card with this app

      good day

  13. Replaced my phone 2 times but the loud speaker gets faulty after few days of usage getting noise while keeping calls on hands free mode…
    Any solution ?
    Does anybody facing same issues?

    1. Please tell me the solution fast as I have only one day to replace it…
      His can we fix the loudspeaker noise issue?

  14. The issue has not been fixed in this update because we can't still move applications to External SD card

  15. By updating to V2 ROM, can we able to transfer application and games directly to External SD card, as in V1 ROM we are only able to transfer to internal SD..

    Please reply as soon as possible

    1. Brother, i am using A116 not A110, u have given me V3 link for A110….

      By the way i wanna tell than now also i have selected preferred location as External SD card but than also it doesn't get installed in external SD card…

      Everything goes under Phone Storage or Internal SD card…

      By going to Setting->Application than after selecting any application whichever u wanna move to external sd card but over there u will get option only to move to internal sd card not external card…

      Thats wat i was asking that after updating A116 with V2 ROM, will this issue will get resolved or no….

      And is this a official update or no…

      Check it out and reply me…

    2. bro.. i couldnt even go into the recovery mode..with my old rom.. if we installv2 for a116.. can we go into that mode ?

    3. Hi Akhz

      Canvas HD got V5 new update, So update your phone with V5 Rom after then Go to recovery mode. It is very easy, open this post click here and see in step 12 pic.

  16. A116 is just launched, it already got a ROM update ??? Anyways, your ROM download link is broken.

    1. it is not just launched it got first update
      download link now working
      thanks to pointing

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